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2010-10-26 22:21:08 by JDClose

The collab I have talked about before WILL be happening in the near future (2011). I have recently talked to some other artists here on NG and Mark-er, MarkySpark, Creaming-Star, Bad-Man-Incorporated, joethesouleater, and SOMNAMBULA have joined. I am still looking for more. So PM me if your interested, I will tell you more about it, also, I will leave a comment on this post announcing each new artist to join. I am looking for Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard (Piano or Synth), Bass, Vocals, percussion (everything but drums, I have them covered) and even brass or woodwind instrument players. So if your interested, drop me a message, I'm looking for as many artists as I can.


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2010-10-27 07:25:15

Glitchs2d, TheThirdSix and Nicholls have joined.


2010-10-27 14:56:11

Mr-Vincent, PeterSatera, and Thermal Laser have joined as well


2010-10-27 21:07:37

FlaggedOnArrival has joined.


2010-10-28 07:33:50

Droux the Shredder and AudioVision have joined.


2010-10-28 15:31:40

blacknote has joined. And now I would like to point out that n three days, I have amassed a musical army of sixteen. I have already started work on the lyrics and guitar riffs, although picking a theme and suitable idea for this song was a major challenge. The first verse is compiled of guitar riffs over additive time signatures, so far I have 3+3+3+3+4, 5+6+5, and 7+6+3. You may notice, that these are complicated time signatures to work in, but these signatures are only simulated, and the verse remains 4/4 the whole time. The next verse will be in similar fashion, however, it will be 3/4 additively simulating odd time signatures. Since the first verse chorus are in 4/4, I decided that the second verse and chorus should match signatures also, to keep the feel of the progression. Though most of this will make the piece a major challenge to do, but if written and recorded correctly, it will pay off to the highest degree. Though I say this about the verse, the introduction will stay in 4/4 timing. Here is my official plan for the song (**SUBJECT TO CHANGE**) "I'm hoping to have a slow piano intro for about 15 seconds, where the symphony come in with choir and timpani and such, maybe slow strings, the tension builds up with brass instruments, and then breaks into a melodic metal progression (not repetitive or too heavy). There will be some fast guitar solos, vocals, a catchy gang vocal chorus, and then it stops, and all that's left is the choir and slow stings, and the same piano intro until it fades." So if you wish to join, PM me and I will give you as much detail as I can, though most of what is happening will be right here on my page. I'm looking for Classical, Jazz, and Metal artists to join, though lead is my focus at the moment (Like I said earlier, any instrument except drums). So until next post, (probably tomorrow or later today, I blog like a mad man) see you later. Hopefully my next post won't be over two thousand characters long...



2010-10-28 19:19:41

I have some news that will cause mixed views... Buster Rhymes. As per the complication that would arise from the ideas I was planning and circulating via this site previously, I have decided to revoke my last comments concerning time signatures. If the song was to be written, recorded, and mixed by the number of people with the magnitude of complexity stated below (or above, Newgrounds comment system is weird sometimes), the whole experience would be as enjoyable as eating pure Francium. So, I will leave that song for myself to finish on my own (unless anybody else wants to help with it, I am always open for a collab. Seriously, always.), and leave this as a 4/4 possible masterpiece, instead of something that sounds like it would attack Tokyo. I hope nobody got their hopes up about a collab in many odd times, because it would have sounded terrible I assure you. So, look forward to the collab in 4/4, it will be easier on all of us. But in the future, I will use those time signatures in a song. I will let you know about any other things going on with the collab, and continue to post any new artists to join it. My idea for the song is to have Blacknote and MarkySpark playing a piano duo, when artists like CreamingStar, FlaggedOnArrival, BrokenDeck, PeterSetara, and AudioVision come in. This is when tension builds up until artists like TheThirdSix, Nicholls, joethesouleater, thermal laser, SOMNAMBULA, and mr-vincent come in with heavy as hell guitar riffs. Then, Myself, Droux the Shredder, and BadManIncorporated come in with vocals, along with a small rap section done by Glitchs2d. Then solos are done by Myself, and Mark-er (WE NEED MORE SOLOISTS AND VOCALISTS FOR THIS TRACK). If you are interested in joining this collab, or have ANY concerns about what you've read here, feel free to PM me anytime, I'll answer any question you may have. And I know I said that my next post wouldn't be so long, not over 2000 characters, thats why this one is 1,999 characters long...



2010-10-28 20:22:33

LashMush has joined


2010-10-28 20:50:06

okay so you've said alot about the timing, but you ahven't said anything about the melody. what will be base notes be? i think everyone in this project needs to get on yahoo or aol or some chat program where we can all brain storm in a single room and talk at the same time and share ideas.

JDClose responds:

That is a great idea, and I was kind of thinking out loud on the timing, which I then decided not to do. It would be great if everybody gave me their email account so we can all chat and share ideas in real time. The only problem is the time, some people live very far away, I think one of the people working on this is in Sweden. But anybody who can, and actually reads my posts, add me at, and we can brainstorm before we begin working on it, this will make it sound ten times better. As for the song, I'm hoping for it to be in the key of C, C#, or D minor, this makes it easier for guitar players such as myself. To get the actual recording rolling, the best thing to do right now is have blacknote write a very sad piano chord progression, and then have MarkySpark play a solo over it. (I recognize that both these artists are extremely talented at lead, but two piano solos at one time would be impossible to write without being right next to each other, and to take turns would require far too much planning and time). If you haven't, check out FlaggedOnArrival's demo for his part. Though it needs to be narrowed down to about 2.5 mins (Excluding the rain, that NEEDS to stay), it is still epic. I would like to ask artists in this collab such as Creaming Star, AudioVision, and BrokenDeck to add to it when it has been shortened, creating much suspense towards the end, immediately before the song turns into metal. Also, l0vemetal and San7a have joined. That makes 20 people including myself. Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the NG20 summit lol. But more people are still welcome to join.


2010-11-02 20:15:38

still sounds interesting... still wanting me to have some kinda vocal part? also, i can drop some bass if need be. lemme know.

JDClose responds:

yeah, everybody listed above is still in. But right now we're working on the intro, so we have a better idea of what to do for the metal part. Bass would be nice too, less work for me lol


2010-11-06 10:24:44

ssgod89 has joined.


2010-11-06 22:41:46

Kadadj, Xarnor, and NexhasUnleashed have joined.


2010-11-06 22:43:52

sorry guys, type above... it's *sggod*... whoops


2010-11-06 22:54:11

ThroughDarkness has joined. Damn, inbox is flooded lately. But in a good way...


2010-12-01 18:46:02

HalcyonicFalconX has joined!