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Fut Fut. Fut Fut.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Dude I love this...

Can I do some vocals for this? This is a sweet track, like Avantasia, Symphony X, Warmen and Yngwie Malmsteen made a supergroup... I'm digging, keep playing this kind of stuff.

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PylonMan responds:

Give it a shot.

Thunderhorse! Thunderhorse!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it

But it sounds like its far away for some reason... too much mid i think. Can I do some vocals for this? I've been wanting to do some Nathan Explosion for a long time... (2006) Let me know and I'll record something for you.

RobSoundtrack responds:

Im down for that.
Take the track, and get in touch if you want me to scoop the guitar tracks.

Mask -(Hemse)- "remastered" Mask -(Hemse)- "remastered"

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

sounds like SOAD

on the clean part... nice. I think. bass was off in parts. Guitars blended too much with everything else, and usually ended up droning. Not sure if that's what you meant for, but even if you did, it was over done. Piano was out of place in parts...

Hemse responds:

you are pretty much right about all those things.
the bass is a bit off, mostly because I recorded it in two layers (one panned to the left and one to the right), since I had very little experience with equalizers (this helped give the sound some wide-ness).
the heavy guitar in the chorous was kinda meant to blend in with the bass (I gave the bass distortion in the chorous to accoplish that).
but the brighter harmonic guitar just blends in too much, and is barely noticable.
the piano was meant to blend a bit more in with the vocals in the chorous (but since I used a really old version of cubase, there were no automation feature for me to change that).
the drums also drown a bit too much in my oppinion.

I wish I could change these things, but it did help a little to add a maximizer to the song (sound boost), it lowers volume of some frequencies (I think? I'm such a noob :P), the bass was definately too loud in the older version :)

thanks for the review :)

Tremors - Bridges Pre Prod Tremors - Bridges Pre Prod

Rated 4 / 5 stars


For once a Mathcore song that doesn't crank the vocals up so much it wrecks the crazy guitar riffs! I like this track dude, upload some more... preferably the other 4 songs.

jbotsd responds:

i wouldnt consider it math core as everything is in 4/4 ... nothing too techy going on there . .

but thank you :D

Engulfed In Endless Night Engulfed In Endless Night

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Should have been more vocals. Up until about 1:20 I was thinking of asking if I could record some vox. Tone was great, especially for death metal (I'm in a Death Metal band and I'm very picky about it). But how could somebody think it wasn't even metal? The beginning didn't fit at all. Just going to come out and say that... It sounds like its more of a metalcore song. But when the song went death metal it was awesome. If you choose to add a solo, don't make it sound like Cannibal Corpse... use some more technical shred stuff. And a note... my band has a song called Endless Night.

Twistedsanta responds:

Well, this is meant to be an opener to an album. That's why it's a rather short song. We wanted to start off a bit softer then the rest of the album would be like what you heard towards the middle of the song and on. We're actually working on some solos in our new songs now, and they seem to be working out quite well. We didn't wanna complicate things on the first song haha.

And Endless Night eh? What can I say, great minds think alike. Thanks for the review bro!


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I don't listen to rap at all... but this sounds like it needs it. Mind if I write some lyrics and rap over it? I'll look up the story for the zombies and write some fast rap lyrics over it.

T1LTED responds:

Haha, that would be fine by me. I'll go back and re-do this song and make it better in addition with a rap. I've been wanting to go back and finally edit the quality and change some instruments anyway.

Bring Me Their Heads Bring Me Their Heads

Rated 4 / 5 stars


You get an 8 because there's no vocals dude... I would love this if there was vocals. Maybe someone as awesome as me should handle it. Just kidding man, should get it recorded soon.

LewisandJenkins responds:

lmfao! i was like wow man.. this guy is fuckin stupid! hahaha thanx brooskii

The Sickening (unfinished) The Sickening (unfinished)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


It's very well written, and its structured very well. Could use some better transitions, but overall the writing is an 8. But its missing vocals and bass so that makes the tone sound like its missing something. There is too much treble on the guitars, but its bearable... Finish this up and it will be great

FromWithinReach responds:

thanks man!

we cant finish anything we cant finish anything

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This tone is amazing, but the riffs are too simple to make an instrumental. Mind if me and my friend write some words for this and do some vox? Maybe a guitar solo? Hit me up dude, but so far this is awesome

What Is Yours Now Is Mine What Is Yours Now Is Mine

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Are epic dude. Very black metal, I think I want to collaborate with you on some stuff in the future dude. The tone of the rest of the instruments is junk, but your vocals make up for everything. Great job dude

GraniteOverworld responds:

Thanks, I really like how the vocals came out on this one. Very tortured and intense. But I gotta ask, what about the tone don't you like?