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Vocal work of all types

2010-12-28 21:34:04 by JDClose

So I just wanted to let everybody know that I am free for vocal work on submissions of all types. This includes voice acting for Flash movies and games, as well as vocals in audio submissions. I can do many voice character styles and vocal styles for musical work. I will do so for free and my own enjoyment. I also will do music requests for flash and games, PM me or leave a comment if interested.


2010-10-26 22:21:08 by JDClose

The collab I have talked about before WILL be happening in the near future (2011). I have recently talked to some other artists here on NG and Mark-er, MarkySpark, Creaming-Star, Bad-Man-Incorporated, joethesouleater, and SOMNAMBULA have joined. I am still looking for more. So PM me if your interested, I will tell you more about it, also, I will leave a comment on this post announcing each new artist to join. I am looking for Lead and Rhythm Guitar, Keyboard (Piano or Synth), Bass, Vocals, percussion (everything but drums, I have them covered) and even brass or woodwind instrument players. So if your interested, drop me a message, I'm looking for as many artists as I can.


2010-10-23 23:17:13 by JDClose

Since my last post, I have written lyrics and vocal patterns/melodies and will be collaborating with Adam Nicholls of Wolvo, England, in a song that spans various genres and 5 languages (English, German, Russian, Swahili, Dutch). The instrumental track can be heard in the Heavy Metal section of the Audio Portal, the song is called "A Song For The Fallen Comrade", and as of right now, it is ranked seventh of all time. I also plan to add Bass, Harmony, and Lead guitar to the song, with mixing and selection 100% up to Nicholls. I am still looking for anyone to have a four or more artist collaboration on, preferably of different genres or influences than myself.

Music Collaborations

2010-10-23 17:45:45 by JDClose

So I'm just starting to use Newgrounds, and I'm looking to upload music. I play alot of death metal, neoclassical, mathcore, and jazz. If anybody wants to collaborate with me on a piece, PM me some details. I am willing to do guitar (lead and rhythm), bass, keyboard, and vocals. I am interested in a collaboratory effort with 4 or more artists, all contributing different styles and elements, much like animation collabs, and I'm looking for people to join it